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Golf Swings Over America

Golfing My Way Across America

50 State Quest – Only 4 Remaining

In 2012 I decided to start a quest to play golf in every U.S. State (see The Beginning for further details). While this particular quest is nothing new, as many have come and gone before me, I am likely one of the very few Canadians to attempt this venture. Additionally, I came up with a target timeline to complete the task; 5 years (60 months).

Unfortunately, I have fallen short (more details in the “Missed it by that much” post), but I am continuing the quest and am committed to completing the overall target either by the end of summer 2017, or early spring 2018.

This site is a collection of stories related to my quest. I hope you enjoy!

Up Next


Just returned from playing in Anchorage Alaska, Gearhart Oregon and Longview Washington.

August or September

A loop around Lake Erie to play Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.


FINISH the quest in New York State

map of USA with states played and approximate location of courses indicated by a flag.
Only four states remain; Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, New York



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