Forty-Eight in 48

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Golf Swings Over America

So as I near the end of my quest, which I will finish in early fall, I’ve been asked numerous times “What will you do next”?  And for the past year or so my answer has always been “I’d like to do it again”.  And I’m not joking.

I’ve mentioned a few ideas to Brian during our times together either on the road, or on a golf course.  One thought is to play in every state capital next time around.  Another, to play only municipal courses.  And yet another was to take a totally different twist and eat something at every course in their respective clubhouses and then determine who serves the best meal.  But since I generally don’t eat very much when I’m playing, I figured that one is a bit of a stretch to discipline myself.  I’d rather be out on the course playing, than sitting in the clubhouse eating.

Well, I think I’ve come up with the ultimate idea.  I’d like to play a round in the lower 48 states in a time-frame of 48 days!  Furthermore, it would be all driving, with no flights involved.  And so the initial planning phase begins, before I even finish the first venture.  It won’t be immediate, as our 2018 travel plate is full already with some planned vacations, including a cruise in the Greek Isles.  But….I’ve convinced myself that’s what I want to accomplish next.

So how does one plan for something like that?  First phase is research and that’s where I’m at.  I know it is feasible s as others have done similar ventures.  Not to play golf, but some have camped, some have hiked, other riding bikes. So I’ve got lots of reading to do.  But I’ve already started looking at ultimate map routes, and played around modifying those to suit my purpose a bit better.

Other things I need to consider; I really need to get some sponsors.  Either that or win the lottery.  But I’ve been trying to do that for about 30 years already, so I’m not holding out hope on that one!  But first things first, let’s complete the first quest then we’ll work out the other details.  But as soon as this first quest is over, concrete planning for the 48 in 48 venture will begin.

Could the route look something like the one above?  Stay tuned!




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