A Real Void

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Golf Swings Over America

Wow!  Summer is almost over and it has been a couple of months void of golf since I came back from my west coast trip.  I’m really suffering through withdrawal!

The weather in Eastern Ontario has been absolute crap up until the last couple of weeks.  We’ve had record rainfalls through July and the early part of August wasn’t much better.  And of course rain always seems to coincide with the weekends when one usually has time to get out on a course!  But I am still gearing up to finish off my quest sometime in September, or perhaps early October now. And I’l actually be playing golf next week!  Well sort of…..

Last weekend I got a couple of calls on my cell phone from a number I didn’t recognize.  So I ignored it.  Mind you, I was on our annual camping outing with some of our friends and having a few “adult beverages”, so wasn’t about to call back a strange number.  But Monday I headed to work and while in a meeting, got a call from that same number.  This time I noticed there was a voicemail.  So I called it back.  Long story short, I won a contest from the local sports radio station for a round of golf.  I get to bring two friends and then we will be paired up with one of the on-air personalities to complete the foursome.

So while this will be a 9 hole scramble, I’m looking forward to this outing.  First off, I listen to this station all the time.  It’s sports talk radio after all!  Thus I’m interested in meeting a few of the show hosts and personalities.  And secondly, I get a chance to play a round of golf with Brian and more significantly my brother Dale.  It has probably been at least 25 years since I’ve played a round with him.  I think the last time we played together was when we were members at the same club and we played in a two-ball tournament together, which I’m pretty sure didn’t go so well since I played like crap.  Now Dale has given me a few lessons over the years at the various clubs he’s worked at, but actually playing a round together, not so much.

Mix in free booze and dinner and it all sounds good!  Too bad I’ll be driving and won’t be able to take advantage of the booze part.  But later this morning I’m heading down for a minor medical procedure that has had me off solid food for a couple of days.  Needless to say I’ll be bingeing over the next few days to make up for it! So a load of chicken wings early next week sounds perfect!

So while I continue to work around my house, I’ll be setting up the golf net and chipping targets to practice up over the weekend.  After all, that void needs to be filled!


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